2018 Diaries


2018 Diaries

2018 Diaries are in high demand, and they make for fantastic corporate gifts! A diary can be a lifeline in a time or stress, and it can give you cause to smile, even if that cause is just seeing that it’s the weekend soon and you can catch your breath before jumping right back into it!

A diary is a great way to get your life organised. It’s a great way to get your client’s lives organised. It’s great for your employees, it’s great for your business partners. A diary for the New Year is a beautiful gift. On top of being useful when they are received, a diary remains useful thought the entire year.

When you give someone a diary, you’re giving them a beautiful gift that will be with them for the next 365 years. It’s a way to record memories, birthdays and meetings! Any innovative or ground breaking ideas that they have during a meeting could be jotted down in their diary, so that they can come back later. A diary is an organiser. It’s a book full of all the potential that this year will hold. You can give someone a book full of all the things that they have yet to do with their lives with a 2018 Diary.

Page a Day Diaries

Page a Day Diaries are great way to write down everything that you need to do with your day and have enough space to do it in! A page a day diary is an awesome product to give as a corporate gift. They look stunning and we have a whole range of beautiful diaries in different sizes and different appearances so that you can give the diary that best represents your brand!

A4 and A5 page a day diaries are the classic choices and we have a beautiful selection that are made from faux leather – a great vote for the animals as well as for your company. These are beautiful products that look stunning and make for wonderful gift. A gift of organisation is a gift that will be cherished with every new page! Each size has its own benefits. An A4 diary is ideal for those who have a lot to write down and super busy days!

An A5 book also has a lot of space, but it’s a more portable size so that it can be easily popped into a document bag or a handbag and taken wherever it needs to go. Even in this age of technology, cell phone alarms and digital reminders, writing things down can still help to cement information in your memory. There’s also a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you look back on your diary and see how much you managed to do in one day!

Branded Diaries

Branded Diaries - they make for wonderful gifts. They look beautiful, they’re a true representation of your company, and they’re an every say reminder to your client or partner of the partnership between you. What better way to make sure that the diary you give has that special touch from your company than to brand it? A custom branded diary is a gorgeous gift, and a very useful one for anyone doing business.

So, what kinds of branding can we offer you? We have a selection of branding options for you to choose from so that you can get the best possible result and representation for your brand!
We have screen printing, which is a printing method that is done by pushing ink through a mesh screen stencil. This makes for a beautiful brand that works best in solid colours. It’s also very good for bold brands.

Another method we have is debossing. Debossing involves pressing a stamp of your brand into the material of the cover of your book and that creates a permanent impression in the fabric of the cover. This is the opposite of embossing, which creates a raised impression. On this kind of product, debossing is preferable as a more long lasting branding method. It also looks amazing and is capable of picking up fine details. It’s s stunning, subtle and elegant branding solution.

Something that incorporates the best of both worlds between screen printing and debossing is foiling. Foiling means that there is an impression created into the material of the cover, like with debossing, but there is a metallic foil in the impression, giving your beautiful brand the shimmer that it deserves. Foiling is traditionally done in gold or silver, and creates the same textured finish that debossing does but with the pop of colour that makes print screening so popular!

Executive Diaries

Executive Diaries make for wonderful presents, and looks really beautiful with foiling. We have a couple of options for executive diaries that extend from our beautiful slim diary to our high end notebooks.
The slim diary is a beautiful koskin book that as a weekly layout and is a stunning gift for the executive on the move, It’s part diary, part trave3l wallet so it makes the perfect present for people who are on the go. This stunning range also has an A5 and an A4 diary available so that you can have the size that best suits your needs.

2018 Diaries Suppliers South Africa

Corporate diaries are beautiful products. A lot of time and care can go into picking the diary that you feel best represents the brand. A beautiful branded diary can put a smile on someone’s face. Your company can help keep someone’s day organised, get them through a particularly busy time, or remind them that they have a dentist’s appointment on Thursday. A branded diary is an awesome way to keep yourself and those around you organised.

Giving someone a thoughtful, practical gift that they can use every day is a wonderful way to keep your company in their thoughts every day, all year long! For a beautiful gift that’s going to keep giving new peace of mind every day, we have a wonderful selection of 2018 Diaries available in South Africa. 



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