Are you looking for end of year gift ideas?


Are you looking for end of year gift ideas?

Summer has just gone to bed and winter has started to rear its icy head. 

It’s only May, but with the way the year is flying by, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about end of year corporate gifts.

Luckily for you, Brand Innovation has an extensive, and wonderfully organised, range of amazing end of year corporate gifts.

The thing with looking for corporate gifts, is to really find something that will suit the company you’re gifting AND your budget. There is no point in giving someone an expensive gift, but your employees have half-cut Christmas bonuses.

That’s why we at Brand Innovation are ready to help. We have categorized our (extremely) big corporate gift range, into 3, easy to understand, categories:

Something Small but Useful

Something small does not necessarily mean something cheap. The trick in giving a smaller gift, is to give something useful. A few of our favourite smaller gifts include:
  • Branded Bags
Bags are always a good idea, because a bag is so useful! Whether you give a conference bag or a tote bag - your clients will always find a use for them. An eco-friendly bag is also a great idea. They are not only useful, but shows you care about the environment too! And if you had a good year and you’re really feeling generous, you can even fill the bags with more gifts. Here is our favourite: The Eco-Friendly Long Handle Shopper
  • Branded Pens
The pen has always been a classic option when it comes to corporate gifting. As pens are used constantly in a corporate environment, you really can’t find a more useful gift. Pen sets are perfect for gifting and always leaves a great impression. Nowadays,’ eco-friendly pens’ is the new buzz word, so giving the gift of an eco-friendly pen would be trendy and environmentally conscious! The Eco-Logical Pen (PEN-1059) is a great promotional pen and for something a little more up market, the Unity Bamboo (IDEA3737) is recommended.


Something Technological

With the way of the world now, technology is at the forefront of everything. This is why a technological corporate gift will not only be greatly appreciated, but definitely used often as well. Our favourites are:
  • Multi-functional USB Flash drives:
These multi-functional flash drives are flash drives with more than one purpose. You can also opt for a traditional flash drive. This is such a lovely corporate gift, because they are ALWAYS used. The USB Stylus Pen is a very popular option.
  • Solar Powered Technology
In the ecological crisis time we’re living in, it’s better to use ‘clean’ energy. A great idea then is a solar powered corporate gift. It is a lovely way to promote the green initiative while still giving a useful, technological corporate gift. Our favourite solar powered corporate gifts include: 
The Solar Powered Mobile Charger and the extraordinary Solar Tree.



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