Cooler Bags South Africa


Cooler Bags South Africa

When you think of cooler bags South Africa, there are lots of things that come to mind. Lunch bags, going to the cricket or the rugby, having a braai or a picnic at the beach.

But no matter what your memories or first associations of them are, there is no doubt to be had that the cooler bag is a South African staple. Everyone needs one. Whether you’re having a day at the beach with your friends and family or if you’re just trying to keep your lunch neat and together on your way to work, it’s a go to. It’s evolved a lot since its chunky beginnings, but there’s still nothing that beats a cooler bag.

5 Top Cooler Bags in South Africa

Nordic Lunch Cooler Bag


Nordic Lunch Cooler COOL-5090

Available in green, lime, navy, blue, red, and black, this fun-sized bag is great for lunches!

  • 6 cool colours
  • Single zipped compartment
  • Aluminium foil lining
  • Short padded handle
  • Domed sticker branding

It’s 22cm long, 10cm deep and 16cm high, so it’s a convenient size to take to school or work, the handle is padded for a comfortable grip and the single compartment makes for quick and convenient access – you’ll never be left wondering where you left that doughnut.

Foldz Lunch Cooler

Code: COOL-5022

Foldz Lunch Cooler COOL-5022

Easy to store and with a handy snack pouch, this is perfect for the busy professional.

  • Mesh snack pouch
  • Short handle
  • Velcro closure
  • Folds conveniently flat
  • 4 fun colours
  • Domed sticker branding

The Foldz comes in lime, black, blue and red and can fold from 19cm wide, 10cm long and 23cm high to a flat, wallet-shape for super easy storage and handling. Not only that, but if carrying lunch doesn’t strike your fancy, it can also hold 6 standard 330ml cans.

Lunchmate Lunch Cooler

Code: COOL-603

Lunchmate Lunch Cooler

Easy to carry, conveniently sized and in 7 funky colours, this bag is great for students.

  • Single zipped compartment
  • Securely attached handles
  • Domed sticker branding
  • Aluminium lining
  • 7 funky colours
  • Can be screen printed

At 14.5cm wide, 13cm deep and 20cm high, and with a handle that’s stitched right the way around the bag, it’s a powerfully compact bag. Lined with aluminium foil and yet again capable of holding 6 330ml cans, its proof that dynamite comes in convenient packages.

Frosty Lunch Cooler

Code: COOL-5115

Frosty Lunch Cooler COOL-5115
This is the perfect bag for the pro on the go!

Six fun colour accents on black
  • Screen printed logo
  • Mesh bottle pouch
  • Front slip pocket
  • Back ID window
  • Short double straps
  • Silver PEVA lining
  • Zipped main compartment

The list of awesome features on this bag is just never ending. From the fresh and funky colour accents in cyan, blue, dark green, black, red and orange on black, to the convenient bottle pouch on the side. This bag has everything you need to just grab it and go. Your drink, your snack pocket and your lunch safely tucked away in the main zippered compartment. The dimensions are 21cm wide, 11cm deep and a whopping 30cm tall.

Frostbite 6-Can Cooler

Code: COOL-5065

Frostbite 6-Can Cooler Bag

A shoulder strap makes this super portable for work and school!

  • None-slip bottom
  • Aluminium foil lining
  • Front slip pocket
  • Handy side pocket with Velcro closure
  • Opposite side mesh pocket
  • Main zippered compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Screen printing
  • 7 Colours with black straps

This bag is a real hold all! With three additional pockets and a main zipped compartment that can hold another 6 330ml cans, and an adjustable strap that you can easily carry over the shoulder, it’s a great grab-and-go bag. It comes in black, blue, turquoise, grey, dark green and red. It is 22cm wide, 15cm deep and 18cm high, and it’s nice and roomy, with your branding front and centre on the slip pocket.

Cooler Box Sizes

Cooler box sizes may vary wildly but a standard way to measure them is their capacity to hold cans or bottles. That way you know immediately what fits inside. If the capacity of a cooler is measured in litres, it can be a little tricky to visualize as that’s the total volume. But cans are easy to picture and they give an accurate and immediate understanding of how much the cooler can hold. Our smallest coolers are 6 cans and our largest, the US Basic Paradiso Cooler (COOL-5160) holds an astounding 72 cans.

6 Can Cooler Bags

A 6-can cooler bag is exactly as it says on the box. A Cooler bag that can hold 6 330ml cans. Which makes it portable and versatile. 6-can coolers are often used as lunch bags. But they have a multitude of other uses as well! Carrying ice cream, jelly and other sweets, ice for your drinks, or anything else you might need to keep cool. It’s the ultra-convenient size that makes it so useful for so many different things, be it storing cold cans or paints at home, taking drinks to a party or just taking your lunch to work or school, a 6-can cooler has got you covered.

Small Travel Cooler Bags

But that’s not the only option that there is available to you! Small travel cooler bags are a great way to take your cool items from place to place without getting to your destination with a lukewarm two-litre that was previously ice cold. They’re great for taking in the car on a road trip with family or friends and because a cooler bag is flexible it can change its shape, it can easily squish between your luggage, between two people, or even next to your feet. There are many great options for travel cooler bags, from a 6-can cooler bag to our wonderful range of larger cooler bags.

Large Cooler bag

If you’re looking for a larger cooler bag, whatever your reasons, you can’t go wrong with our range of larger cooler bags, ready to tote what you need while keeping it crisp and fresh.

3 Top Large Cooler Bags

Branded Extra large cooler bag

Different Types of Cooler Bags

Cooler Backpack

When you’re on the go, you’re on the go and there’s no time to stop. The last thing you want when you’re hiking, walking or cycling to your favourite picnic spot is to have to worry about dragging an awkwardly shaped cooler bag along with you.

Especially if it’s over terrain that’s rough and you need your hands. It was for this sort of on the go, hands-free need that the cooler backpack was invented. All the convenience of a cooler bag neatly stashed on you back so you don’t have to worry about hauling it around or throwing off your balance by strapping it to the back of your bike.

Siberia Backpack Cooler

Siberia Backpack Cooler Bag

You don’t get much cooler than Siberia. Except this backpack cooler.


  • 4 Zingy colours
  • PVC lining
  • U zipped main compartment
  • Side zipped pocket with earbud outlet
  • Mesh side pocket

This bag is cooler than cool. The main compartment is sleek and fashionable, and looks like something an international spy might wear if they were going out for the day between missions. It has a handy earbud outlet that lets you use them on the go without worrying about your device falling out or your cables getting caught in the zipper teeth.

A mesh pocket on the side allows easy access to your on-the-go snacks or your water bottle. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps are there for your comfort. With your branding on clear display across the back, you’re one step closer to saving the day. It’s hardly classified information, this backpack cooler is a must-have item.

Cooler Bag on Wheels

Bringing new life to the phrase, “Meals on Wheels,” a cooler bag on wheels will get you where you need go and are a great way to carry around a heavy bag without putting too much strain on yourself. They’re very convenient and easy to move around. Why not make your life easier? Less back strain, less arm strain, more time for you to spend enjoying yourself!

Pacific Trolley Cooler
Code: Cool-5088

Pacific Trolley Cooler COOL-5088

This cool, compact cooler bag is about to make your life a whole lot easier!

  • PEVA lining
  • Side slip pocket
  • Front zip pocket
  • Main zip compartment
  • Two top straps
  • Velcro strap wrap
  • Collapsible metal handle

This bag looks great. Not only is it highly functional and portable, it also has a cool grey and black colour pallet with white piping around your branding to really make it stand out from the crowd. The pain compartment can hold an astounding 24 cans in its PEVA lining. With neat, hard plastic feet to keep it stable and a long handle to pull it along with, this bag is a powerhouse of storage, and definitely a must have item.

Igloo Trolley Cooler
Code: COOL-5155

Igloo Trolley Cooler COOL-5155

When a cooler this good looking has domed sticker branding in the price, it’s too good to pass up.

  • Plastic handle grip
  • Velcro strap wrap
  • Two side straps
  • Front slip pocket
  • Mesh side pocket

White and black with white accent piping is a killer combination. You could send this cooler bag down the red carpet and it would look right at home. Holding a massive 30 330ml cans, this cooler has plenty of space inside, with a chic PEVA lining. And with the domed sticker branding included in the price and front and centre on your bag, this bag is a hot item!

Wine Cooler Bags

A glass of wine goes wonderfully with a picnic or an open-air concert. On a hot day, a cool glass of wine is even better. A wine cooler bag is the perfect way to enjoy a cool glass of wine in the open without worrying about it warming up as the evening progresses.

Avenue Wine Cooler
Code: COOL-5150

With two glasses and a bottle opener already in there, all you need is your bottle of wine to complement the perfect romantic evening.

  • Zippered main compartment
  • Front slip pocket
  • Holds 1 wine bottle
  • Two glasses
  • Waiter’s friend
  • Top carry handle
  • Domed sticker branding.

This chic, modern grey design has beautiful contrast black straps, a recessed plaque for domed sticker branding and a convenient, top-opening main compartment. It holds one standard size wine bottle, two wine glasses and has a waiter’s friend tucked up into the top flap. If you’re going for a matching set with your cooler, the Avenue Wine Cooler pairs beautifully with the Avenue Picnic Bag (COOL-5145) and the Avenue Picnic Cooler (5140). It’s everything you need to make sure that your evening goes as smoothly as the wine you’re serving.

Balthazar Double Wine Tote
Code: LS-6306

When presentation is what you want, this tote is what you need.

  • Imitation leather
  • Piped bottom gussets
  • Stitched side seams
  • Side pocket
  • Aluminium lining

With wide handles, this cooler holds two standard wine bottles, ready for any special occasion if might be called on to serve in. Modern and sleek looking, this tote really is the perfect way to present your wine. It has a chic, one-colour screen printing option to ensure that this cooler communicates how cool your brand is.

Lunch Cooler Bags

There are several key features for a lunch cooler bag, from pre-school to working 9 to 5, it’s a very useful thing to have. It keeps your food at a consistent temperature. If you’ve got a drink in there, it will keep that cool and it will help to keep your food fresh.  A couple of ideal characteristics of a lunch time cooler bag are:

  • Light
  • Portable
  • Small
  • Secure

Branded Lunch Bags

A lunch bag is the gift that keeps on giving. And if it’s branded, so much the better. It’s a great way to have your brand be something that someone thinks about regularly. After all, wouldn’t you think about something you saw every day and subconsciously associated with that delicious doughnut that you’ve been looking forward to since you packed it this morning? When your brand is associated with positive things like the feeling of a good meal and a chat with friends, you’re in good stead with that client.

Sports Chair and Cooler

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to watch a good game.
When you’re watching a sports game, no matter what sport it is, you want to be right up front, you want to have a cool drink to hand and you want to have a comfortable seat because standing all day in the heat is not only unpleasant but unhealthy, too.
The solution to that, and a wonderful and versatile gift, is the Capri Chair and Cooler.

Capri Chair and Cooler
Code: GIFT-206

Capri Chair & Cooler GIFT-206

  • PVC lined cooler
  • Holds up to 95kgs
  • Fold up chair
  • Handle for carrying
  • Zippered front pocket
  • Zippered main enclosure
  • 3 cool colours

An ingenious idea that’s sure to be a hit at any kind of sporting event or pool party, this amazing chair and cooler combo comes in three colours; red, blue and black. Its PVC lined cooler holds up to 24 cans in its 30cm wide, 21cm deep and 26cm tall main compartment which is conveniently located under the seat.

The chair itself stands at 64cm tall and has a seat that’s 41cm wide by 36cm deep. On top of everything else, this chair comes with a colour matching carry bag that can also carry your branding.

Insulated Cooler Bags

A cooler bag needs to keep your items cool and fresh for as long as possible, so you really do want the best insulation possible. Something that’s going to give you proven results every time. So here’s a selection of our top insulated cooler bags to suit your needs.

5 Top Insulated Cooler Bags

Ovation Cooler COOL-5120

Camping Coolers

When you’re camping a cooler bag is going to be your best friend. Possibly even better than your best friend sharing your tent because a cooler bag doesn’t snore. Filled with everything you’re going to need on your trip, cooler bags and camping have gone together since time began. Or rather, since the cooler bag was invented, but more on that later.

Coolers are indispensable on a camping trip, from keeping your drinks cool in the car on the way there, to keeping you food from spoiling while you’re out there communing with nature. One thing you cannot camp without is a cooler bag.

How to Pack A Cooler

The cooler is a camping basic. After all, without it, where are you going to store all your cool drinks, your meat, your salad, and anything else that might get a little mushy (or off!)

You Will Need:
  • Two to three coolers
  • Zip seal baggies in assorted sizes
  • Airtight containers
  • A permanent marker
  • Sticky tape
  • Re-freezable ice bricks
  • Packs of ice

1.  First things first, clean and cool your coolers. Particularly the one that you’re going to be storing raw meat in because you don’t want any dust from the garage getting in the food. And if where you’ve been storing it is warm then you’re going to want to dump a bag of ice in your clean coolers before you start packing. This will help it stay cooler for longer.

2.  Everything you put in your coolers should have been chilled for at least 24 hours before hand. If anything warm goes in there, it’s going to heat up everything around it.

  • Pack your meat and seafood from frozen
  • Chill all your beverages overnight before packing them
  • All your vegetables should be washed and chilled before packing

3.  Separate what you can. Keeping meat in a smaller, separate cooler will help keep down the risk of contaminating other items of food as the ice melts. Keeping your beverages separate will also help to slow down the ice melting because you won’t be opening and closing the cooler all the time to reach for a drink.

4.  On the theme of separation, store things as individually as possible. Zip seal bags are your friend. If you don’t want your chicken mixing with your sausage then Ziploc them both away. It will save you packing space as well if you remove the polystyrene packaging as well. Put your fruit or pasta in airtight containers so that even if you are packing your meat and other perishables in the same cooler, there’s significantly less chance of any cross contamination from the raw meat.

5.  Layer everything! You’re packing something in a this-way-up box. So you want everything heavy and non-squashable on the bottom and everything delicate and easily breakable at the top where it won’t get hurt. Meat, boxes and ice on the bottom, eggs and squeezable bottles on the top.

6.  Get some sticky tape or masking tape and slap it on all your bags, all your airtight boxes and all your individually packaged items. Label everything you have. It helps keep things neat and organised and you won’t have to spend ten minutes squinting at a frozen Ziploc bag trying to figure out if it’s the vegetarian soup for Rob or the Four Meat soup that Sara wanted.

7.  Cut down on your excess packaging so that you can fit more food into one cooler. Take the polystyrene off your meat and your vegetables. Cut the excess off your egg cartons if you’re not bringing full ones and decant your condiments like mayonnaise and tomato sauce into smaller, more easily portable containers so that there aren’t a load of half empty bottles cluttering up your cooler.

Different Kinds of Lining

There are several different kinds of lining used in cooler bags, PEVA, PVC and Aluminium. Each one has its own benefits, and neither is lesser than the other. Both of them are used to create superb cooler bags.
PEVA, also known as ethylene vinyl acetate, or polyethylene vinyl acetate, is a biodegradable, non-chlorinated vinyl. It is often used as a plastic food wrapping and is also used as padding in sports equipment like boxing gloves and soccer cleats.

PVC, or as it is technically called, polyvinyl chloride, can be rigid or flexible. The flexible sort makes a good waterproof lining. So good, in fact, that the thicker kind is often used for lining swimming pools and dams. So if there’s a spill in your bag, PVC is very easy to clean off.

Aluminium foil lining is particularly well known for its heat retentive properties. Keeping things insulated is one of the things that aluminium does best. Thermal heat has three basic mechanisms, conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction is the one foil uses to circulate and retain heat, or in the instance of cooler bags, cold.

History of the Cooler

Though it’s a far cry from Ye Olde Ice Chest, the modern cooler bag still serves the same purpose, just in a much more evolved and convenient way.

Invented by an American, Richard C. Laramy in 1951, the first Ice Chest was patented in 1953. The first cooler boxes were made of metal. Which is all well and good until someone gets their tongue stuck to it on a dare. They got the job done but they were also heavy and hard to transport, and they could be pretty hard on the fingers – wear gloves. Luckily, times have changed. The next step in the evolution of the cooler box is Styrofoam insulation sandwiched between two stiff plastic shells. That same method has held true through to today’s boxes.

But while those are nice, they’re still heavy, clunky and inconvenient to store. Which is where the cooler bag comes in. Cooler bags are often made with thick polyester, lined with a heavy-duty foil and padded with foam which is both flexible and durable, unlike Styrofoam, which is neither of those things. This also has the added bonus of making a cooler bag much easier on the arms than its predecessor. No longer need setting up your picnic be a replacement for arm day at the gym.

That’s not to say that cooler boxes don’t still have their place in the world, but cooler bags are definitely the way forward.

The Benefit of Cooler Bags as a Marketing Product

What are the benefits of cooler bags as a marketing product? Very similarly to the benefit of a pen, only more wide spread. When you give someone a pen, they take it to work with them, their colleagues see, it gets used or lost as pens are want to do. When you give someone a cooler bag, it goes places, and so does your brand.

A cooler bag is by its very nature a travelling item. It goes to work, to the park, to the beach, to the rugby, to the soccer. Even shopping! When your branded cooler bag is at the beach or a party, it not only gets seen by the friends of its owner but also all of their friends. People will ask where it came from. That’s how word of mouth works. If you have a great marketing product that is not only great to look at, as all of our coolers are, but customised with your branding and improves the daily life of your clients then you’ve got a winning combination.

People might even trade stories about how they acquired their wonderful new cooler, giving your company even more positive press!

A cooler bag makes for great branded item. It’s fun, useful and it goes places, getting you even more exposure than you originally would have. It’s a great, fun way to promote your brand while giving the gift of great memories! No matter whether they’re for work or play, the Cooler Bag South Africa is here to stay!



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