End of Year Gifts 2017


End of Year Gifts 2017

If you are looking for new end of year gifts for 2017 - we have put together a collection of our new products for you to choose from.

This selection of gifts range from stunning gold flasks and executive gift sets to a classic 2018 Diary. Whatever your budget or style, we have got something suitable for you. Please go and have a look HERE.


The Poykie

This is a uniquely South African gift idea - brand new from the Andy Cartwright range. These ceramic pots are designed to look like the classic three foot pot - or Potjie, as it is known in Afrikaans. This is small, multi-functional dish that can function as:
  • Soup bowl
  • Coffee Mug
  • Snack bowl for biltong/chips/nuts
  • Porrige Bowl
  • anything else you can think of!

Stock is flying, so if you want an awesome Poykie CONTACT US NOW!

Fashionable Grey Picnic Bags

Grey melange is highly fashionable this year, and we have a selection of awesome bags in this stylish colour. One of those is the Avenue Picnic Bag. This is ideal for end of year, because it contains all the trappings for a lovely sunny, Summer's day out.

This picnic bag features:

  • A Cooler Bag compartment 
  • 2 x Plastic plates 2 Plastic glasses 
  • 2 x knives 
  • 2 x forks 
  • 2 x spoons



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