Power Banks with Logo


Power Banks with Logo

Power Banks with Logo South Africa - A branded power bank, displaying your logo proudly for the world to see, is an ideal gift for executive clients or staff members. A brilliant gift to give, especially towards the end of the year and holiday season, these allow for useful, branded promotional items that can be used on a day to day basis.

A great branded power bank option, perfect for a customised office gift, the Optimus Power Bank and Torch is a wonderfully handy 4000mAh portable charger that gives you a well-branded, compact gift for staff members. This awesome charger, complete with bright pocket torch, is a perfect item for a business trip over the weekend, or when surviving short stints of loadshedding. A great item to have around the office as well, this will ensure you don’t lose power to your mobile devices.

Alternatively, a power bank option better suited a faced paced, travel filled, executive lifestyle, the Powermax Power Bank 10 000mAh is a strong and durable mobile charger that can fully charge and recharge multiple devices at once. A stunning branded gift for your executive clients or staff members, the Powermax gives full power every step of the way. A wonderful item for corporate gifting, this allows you to give out a good-looking item that can be used on a daily basis whether at the office or around the house.

A brilliant way to show customers and clients their true value within the corporate dynamic, a well-timed, meaningful branded gift can be a great way to achieve a strong relationship as well as brand stability.
For these and other amazing branded power banks, e-mail us at info@brandinnvoation.co.za.



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