Printed Phone Covers


Printed Phone Covers

A perfect branded gift for this modern, technology driven age of business and interaction, a custom branded smart phone cover and protector makes for a useful and functional gift that can be used day in and day out.

A promotional item appreciated by most, this not only gives recipients a way to protect their phone, but can also serve as a constant reminder of your brand image every time they use their phone.

Our Phone Cover Sizes: 
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6
  • Galaxy S5

With covers available for a collection of smartphone dimensions,  to be exact, these make for a wonderful and thoughtful corporate gifting option.

A quick and easy solution to corporate branding and promotion, smart phone covers can be client gifts or even promotional products at events, giving a gift that can be used every day, not only keeping their phone safe but also showing how it is your brand that does so.

Full Colour Printing on Phone Covers

With allowance for full colour prints on a large area, these nifty covers offer a platform from which to convey a strong and clear brand message to the world.

A branded item that everyone has need for in this modern, smart phone riddled world, putting your custom look and feel on something like a phone protector speaks volumes to the attitude of your brand- fresh and vibrant- while the functionality of it all means your clients’ smart phones are kept safe and stylish while consistently promoting your brand.

A way of marketing your brand across the board, covering markets of all shapes and sizes, these awesome smart phone covers can be used by anyone- a completely relevant corporate gift.

Perfect for corporate events or promotional giveaways, these fairly cost effective gifts are an ideal way of spreading your brand image, a way to passively market your brand through your clients. Building on public association, a gift like this links your brand to people in the public domain, allowing for a relationship rather than just a transaction when it comes to products and purchases.

A perfect way to convey your brand image to the world, a useful and good looking gift can gibe you all the exposure you need.



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