Thermal Mugs for Winter


Thermal Mugs for Winter

Thermal mugs are the perfect corporate gifts to keep you warm this winter! We supply a great selection of thermal mugs and travel mugs for you to choose from.

What is a Thermal Mug?

A thermal mug is a drink container that is designed to be heat insulating and is often made of stainless steel, ceramic or plastic. These mugs keep your beverage hot or cold for a longer period of time than a normal mug.

Thermal mugs usually have a sealed lid to keep the heat trapped inside. These mugs with lids also prevents leaks and spills, making them ideal for travelling. The best thermal mugs and flasks use a vacuum seal.

Basically: Thermal Mug = Keep Coffee Warm Longer

And having a nice warm cup of coffee is always a good thing!

Our Top Thermal Mugs:

The options above are some of our top selling thermal drinkware products. 

These mugs make great promotional gifts that can be used in the office, at home or on the road. You can take your thermal mugs wherever you go.

We also brand these mugs with your company logo. On the different types of mugs we can do different branding methods, such as engraving, digital print or screen print.

You can view our range of coffee mugs here or contact us now to order.
We supply branded mugs throughout South Africa.



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