Xd Design Sunshine Solar Charger


Xd Design Sunshine Solar Charger

Code : TECH-4110


The XD Design Sunshine Solar Charger is a modern designed bouquet of "flowers" that fits every desk or home environment. This great corporate gift is an eco friendly gift with 5 solar panels that is used to recharge a lithuim battery and is passed on to your electronic devices. This solar charger includes a Micro USB cable and is a great way to charge your phone!
A solar charger is something that can be used over and over and is a great source of sustainable energy.

  • Solar Charger Material: White Resound® material (40% PLA+60% ABS) and a brushed metal plate base.
  • USB output(5V/1.2A)
  • Micro USB input(5V/500mA)
  • 2 indicator lights on one side to show when charging
  • 5 piece flexible plastic wires connect with solar panel flowers
  • 2600mah rechargeable Li-battery ( RoHS / CE / FCC / WEEE / Battery compliant)
  • Includes a Micro USB charging cable, manual and 1 Li-ion battery.



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