Electra Pen & Clutch Pencil Set

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Pen Gift Sets South Africa – The Most Popular Promotional Pen in the world is here! And with friends. If you’re looking for a perfect marketing pen in South Africa, here’s the Electra Pen and Pencil Gift Set, supplied by Brand Innovation.
Available in 6 colours
Electra pens are also sold separately as branded pens.

·  Black German Ink ballpoint pen
·  0.7mm Lead mechanical pencil
·  5.5cm x 18cm clear PVC pouch
·  6 fabulous colours
·  6mm x 55mm Branding area

The Electra Pen is the most popular promotional pen design in the world. It’s eye catching, colourful design. And with a friend, this is an incredibly beautiful branded product. This is the perfect product for promotion companies who are looking for a cost effective pen and pencil set that looks great!

Putting your branding on your promotional giveaway items is like signing your name on the card that goes with a present. You are after all giving them a gift.

So what do you get in this awesome pen set?

You get a clear PVC visibility pouch, so called because you can see your awesome products through it. Like the stationery equivalent of a display case. The fact that this set comes in its own packaging makes it a really awesome promotional item because everything is all together and ready to go. The pouch also has a neat little slide that makes storage super easy.

These printed pencils are mechanical, which means that you’ve got a sharp point on your pencil without needing a sharpener.

This is a great gift because you can have two gorgeous pens in an awesome package. These two look fantastic!

Promotional Pens Wholesale

Promo pens have a real place in marketing. But pens marketing your brand? They’re so small. That’s actually a good thing! Giveaway items that you can slip into your pocket and carry around with you are awesome. Something that can travel with someone is a reminder of your brand that they can take with you wherever they go.

On the other hand, pens are for desks, so even if this awesome set stays at work, the people who get your pen and pencil set are still going to be looking at your branding every day.

The clear plastic casing makes this set really great as a women’s day giveaway. A set of pencils for your handbags is a great way to keep your brand in someone’s mind and give them what they need, when they need it.

Brand Innovation supplies these printed pens and promo pencils in bulk! Selling these in bulk means that we can give you a better price. It also means that you can cater to huge events and whole companies. And why not? That just gives your brand more reach.

The set also gives you more variety. Some people prefer to write in pencils. Some occasions demand a pencil over a pen. And with this set you have everything you need in an on the go pouch.

Bulk Promotional Pens

You can order pens in bulk from Brand Innovation, and we’ll brand them in bulk for you. Both the pen and pencil in this set are branded and have a 6mm x 55mm branding area. These promotional pen gift sets make amazing giveaway items for events and for offices.

Bulk pens for business – that’s corporate pens! These awesome pens are so great that it would be totally understandable to want to want to keep them all to yourself. A corporate pen is a really great way to make an impression on guests to your office. And they can still be used as promotional items from there.

As an example, what about real estate promotional items? Giving clients a branded pen to sign their contracts with that they can take home and keep as a memento of the occasion is a great way for them to remember the service that your brand gave them.

Where exactly do you need your most popular promotional pen sets?

·  branded pens Cape Town
·  branded pens Pretoria
·  branded pens Durban

Being a premier supplier of corporate gifts in South Africa and Africa, Brand Innovation supplies and delivers all over South Africa and Africa. From Cape Town to Johannesburg and beyond.
If you are in the Gauteng area and you have a yen for ordering branded pens with price tags clearly displayed, then why not head on over to our Promo Jozi web store and order your pens online? We have bulk pens for sale and promotional pencils. Even pen gift sets.

Printing on Pens

Company branded pens are like presents plus. You get given a really useful gift that you can take with you wherever you go, and it has all the details of an amazing brand on it.

You can buy your pens in bulk with your logo, your website, your details, your company name. Whatever your brand is, you can put it print it onto your pens.

The recommended branding method for this pen and pencil set is pad printing. The process of that means that your brand is stamped onto a silicone pad which is then pressed onto your pens and pencils to transfer your brand across.

Being the most popular pen design in the world, the Electra is a really great addition to your marketing team. Whether it’s as an individual item or as this gorgeous set, it’s a fantastic way to showcase your brand to a whole range of people. After all, everyone needs a pen.

Pens are an incredibly popular promotional item the world over, and this is an incredibly popular design. The Electra pen is the most popular promotional pen design in the world. By extension, the Electra Pen and Clutch Pencil set is the most popular promotional pen and pencil set in the world.

Showcase your company’s creativity and beautiful brand on these gorgeous pens and pencils and make your brand the most popular in the world.

Keep ahead of the curve and in your clients’ thoughts with this awesome branded Pen Gift Sets South Africa



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